BMW 'Art Car' Project | Creating Beautiful Automotive Works of Art Since 1975



If you've ever seen one of the dazzling "BMW Art Cars" in person, you're pretty lucky to have glimpsed a little piece of BMW history, and even if you haven't seen one up close and personal, if you've ever seen one online, in a magazine, or in photographs, then you know how wild these designs can get. The tradition of doing a "BMW Art Car" started in 1975 with French racecar driver Hervé Poulain. He envisioned famous artists using BMW models as a canvas for their art, and over the years this has brought the BMW brand and world renowned artists together again and again, with the resulting collaborations coming out truly spectacular. If you're interested in checking out a visual library of the different BMW Art Cars, you can view the BMW Art Cars over the years right here (link takes you away from page).

Some notable collaborations include Roy Lichtenstein, who decorated a BMW 320i model in 1977, or Andy Warhol, whose art graced the exterior of a BMW M1 in 1979. The tradition has carried on throughout the years, including artists from all around the globe as well as less visually oriented artists, like text-based artist Jenny Holzer, who decorated a BMW V12 LMR model in 1999. The 2016 artist was John Baldessari, and for 2017 the artist chosen was Cao Fei, who created a visually stunning piece of art on the BMW M6 GT3.

If you're interested in bringing home a piece of art for yourself, unfortunately we can't offer you one of the BMW Art Cars, but isn't every new BMW a work of art in its own right? Come see us at Hoffman BMW of Watertown and we'll help you pick out the perfect piece of art for your collection.

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