How Much Do You Know About BMW Connected+?

BMW Connected+ “Share Live Trip Status” Feature Explained:

If you’ve ever been on the road, running a bit behind, and you felt like you needed to let other parties know where you were, then this feature may have been designed specifically for you: BMW Connected+ offers a feature that allows you to “Share Live Trip Status,” so you can seamlessly connect with selected family, friends, or business associates, giving them your estimated time of arrival and your current location, all with the push of a button.



A feature like this lifts the burden of staying in touch that sometimes accompanies long drives or big plans. Not only does this feature give selected contacts an in-the-moment picture about where your trip is, it will also deliver routine updates along the way, so you can free your mind from worrying and put your focus on the road ahead. This feature and more, found in the upcoming all-new BMW X3 SAV.

If our previous blog post didn’t drum up enough excitement, maybe this will do the trick. The all-new upcoming BMW X3 Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) is a wonder to behold from the outside, inside, and just about any other angle you can get on it. Right now, we have the 2017 BMW X3 in our showroom, so if your heart is set on the upcoming model, for the time being, patience is your best bet, and it will be rewarded!

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