LATCH Evaluations - What You Should Know

Couples who have young children or plan to have young children often choose vehicles with easy access to child restraints, particularly those using LATCH. Buckling your children into child carriers can be difficult, but we at BMW of Watertown want you to know all your options and have all the knowledge you need when you purchase your next vehicle.

The Insurance Institute for Human Safety (IIHS) rates child seats and restraints based on how effective and safe they are. Vehicles also have ratings on ease of use. When buying child restraints, look at the ratings on the restraint to see how they’ve fared under the system. The ratings for cars and car restraints are based on location, ease of use, confusing hardware, force, clearing angle, and accessibility of lower anchors.

If you still have questions about LATCH or are looking for the best ways to keep your children while in their child restraints, pay us a visit at our BMW dealership.



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