All Fluid Leaks Indicate Needed Vehicle Service

With all of the complicated mechanical parts in a vehicle, it’s tough to understand how simple fluids play an important role in keeping it running well. There are many different types of fluid leaks that can happen, and every vehicle owner should be aware of their importance.

Some fluid leaks are simple, and they indicate normal vehicle operation. For instance, you could notice a puddle of water underneath your car on a hot day. This is your air conditioner getting rid of condensation. Other leaks however, could indicate more serious conditions. Dark pools of sticky fluid could signal an oil leak from a faulty gasket. A greenish pool of fluid could mean that coolant is leaking from a hose, or a crack in a radiator that could affect the overall performance of your vehicle.

Regular service checks are the best way to keep your vehicle in great working condition. The team at BMW of Watertown will perform a survey of all systems that utilize fluids to operate. The idea is to never experience seeing a pool of fluid under your car. If one is spotted, a professional vehicle service will pinpoint the problem.



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