BMW Genius: Meet our Team of Experts in Watertown, CT

Get the personalized information that you need, when you need it most

When it comes to purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle, you want to have all of the facts. And, you're going to want to know how your new ride can complement and simplify your unique lifestyle.  That's where our BMW Genius team comes into plays.  BMW Genius was designed to get you the product information that you need, wherever you happen to be.  So, what does this look like? You can meet with someone in-person or, you can access our team of BMW geniuses via your smart phone, tablet or through our hotline (1-844-4GENIUS).  The bottom line is that we're here to help you find the perfect vehicle to meet you driving needs.

Here at BMW Watertown, our BMW Geniuses are standing-by to help with all of your BMW-related needs.  Specifically trained to demonstrate vehicle features, technology and performance capabilities, our team will ensure that you know exactly what your new ride is capable of.  Even down the line, we've got your back.  Once you've left our lot with your new or pre-owned BMW, you'll be able to access specific product information and how-to videos through the convenient BMW Genius App.  It's like having one of our experts right there with you, every step of the way.

Curious to learn more?  Swing by BMW of Watertown to explore our exciting inventories and to chat with one of our experts.  Be an informed shopper in Watertown, CT and take advantage of our BMW Genius team.

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  • Donny Frost
    General Sales Manager

    I have 33 years experience stemming from only High Line Luxury vehicles, like BMW. I've been with Hoffman BMW since 2015 and excited for more years to come. I have 3 fabulous kids with my beautiful wife, and most weekends you'll catch me at a swim meet for 5 hours!

  • Ashley Echtman
    Sales Manager


  • Charles Tuscano
    Business Manager

    I have 25+ years experience and have been with the Hoffman Auto Group since 2015. 

    I love to golf, spend time with my kids, grand-kids and dog Sammy!


  • Dennis Smith
    Client Advisor

    I have been with the Hoffman BMW of Watertown since 2015 and just love everything about the BMW brand. I also enjoy working with people and building long term relationships.

    Outside of work I enjoy working out, fishing out of my kayak, and spending quality time with my family. I feel that myself along with the Hoffman Auto Group strive to provide the ultimate experience for the ultimate driving machine!


  • Karl Turshani
    Client Advisor

    I have worked with BMW internationally Since 2008 and I am proud to bring my years of BMW experience to Hoffman Auto Group and Hoffman BMW of Watertown team.

    Joining Hoffman BMW of Watertown has been wonderful. I love working with my clients. I am a good listener and stay focused on my client's needs.  I provide a pressure free environment and I strive  to help my clients to make an informed decisions.  Keeping my clients happy is important to me as I strive to build long term relationships. 

    In my free time I enjoy cooking, wine and spending time with my kids.

    Additional Languages: English Arabic and Italian

  • James Rolleston
    Assistant Client Advisor

    After having a diversified career in venture capital, construction, and pharmaceuticals, I have decided to follow my passions as a gear head and work in the auto industry. Working at BMW brings me great pleasure knowing that I work for a brand people trust. I am eager to help people find the perfect car that satisfies their needs and to help customers find their ultimate driving machine.


  • Walter Modeen
    Service Manager

    I have been working in the automotive industry for over 15 years and pride myself on exceptional customer service. I started my career with Ford and after years of hard work was presented an opportunity to work with BMW and have not looked back since. I started my journey with the Hoffman Auto Group 4 years ago and have enjoyed watching the dealership grow on all levels. When I am not at work you can usually catch me out having ice cream with my two kids or playing frisbee with one of my Aussies.

    Please come down to Hoffman BMW of Watertown and experience what service should be like!


  • Eric DuVerger
    Service Advisor

    I have been working in the automotive industry for almost 4 years, and have been with the Hoffman Auto group for that entire time. It has been a great experience that has created an environment for me to grow as an individual on many levels. I look forward to helping you with not only servicing your BMW but guiding you through the service process as a whole by creating an honest,  welcoming, trustworthy environment.

    I invite you to visit our team here at Hoffman BMW of Watertown!


  • Jarrod Figueiredo
    Service Advisor


  • Kacey Mastropietro
    Parts Counterperson



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